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If your child's RX is increasing a lot, or s/he is at risk for having a high RX, this site will provide information about the prevention & management of MYOPIA (Nearsightedness).

It's a pain to have so many glasses and goggles.

We make it FUN for kids!

Snacks!  Prizes! Rewards!  Special events!


Let's make each visit FUN!




As you're reading this on your phone or computer now, you know that this is an electronic age.

There's no going back, and we rely on electronic devices in our day to day activities.  


Myopia, far blur, is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic. I am prescribing more glasses than ever to young kids, including my own. Vision is partly hereditary, and the other part, you can guess. At the end of every exam, besides explaining to parents that their eight year old now needs glasses, I find myself wanting to do more than just check the child's prescription every 6 months.  


Also, as a high myopia patient myself, I completely understand the hassle of thick glasses, difficulty finding frames that were stylish and comfortable, and prescription changes every year. 

I always had poor eye-hand coordination and depth perception and just didn't excel in any sports. Because of my high prescription, I was unable to get Lasik surgery and have to see a specialist every year to ensure I maintain the subpar vision I have.  I also have to monitor my eye health to ensure that retinal detachment, glaucoma, early cataracts, and macular degeneration never appear.

Thus I began a journey into myopia prevention, treatment, and control and the many different techniques to achieve a more stable prescription. Our office will work with your family to slow the progression of your child's myopia. Just as you can eat healthy and exercise to prevent obesity or hypertension, you can take control of your child's vision and health, unlocking a host of benefits in and out of school and all the future possibilities.




Let us custom design treatment eye retainers to correct your child's vision while he sleeps & to slow down the myopic progression!

Please call us to schedule a consultation.

Atropine Therapy


This is an excellent proactive approach to myopia control if a patient chooses to delay or is too young for ortho-k eye retainers.

Eye Exams


Dr. Tseng is working at Myeyedr. Bailey's Crossroads (Falls Church), VA.

Please contact the office directly at


Soft Ortho-K & Multifocal Contact Lens Fittings


This is an option to ortho-k eye retainers.  If a child wants to wait to wear ortho-k retainers, or we must begin treatments quickly, with fewer office visits, please inquire about soft lenses.

Vision Therapy


When combined with other myopia prevention & control techniques, vision therapy strengthens the eyes & helps them work more efficiently.


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